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The Video That I Have Chosen From Www - 1042 Words

The video that I have chosen from is called, â€Å"Why You Should Talk to Strangers,† by Kio Stark. I chose this video because the title really had me wondering what her answer would be and what justification she had behind it. The big picture behind her speech was to acknowledge people when you see them. We walk around the University of Louisville’s campus all the time, seeing people we don’t know and never speak to them. This video really influenced me to want to talk to the people I pass by every day and say a single, â€Å"Hi,† to them. Within her presentation Stark views, â€Å"†¦the overlooked benefits of pushing past our default discomfort when it comes to strangers and embracing those fleeting but profoundly beautiful moments of genuine connection.† I see this speech as being persuasive because Stark is trying to inspire everyone to be friendly and talk to one another. In her speech Stark talks about how she feels about talk ing to strangers. She brought up a story about her and her daughter walking around town and Stark saying, â€Å"Hi,† when walking past someone. Her daughter asked her why she says hi and asked if she knew them. This really caught Stark’s attention. â€Å"It’s good to be friendly, but it’s good to know not when to be.† Stark using several different stories about her past with strangers and why this taught her to push herself to talk to them, shows she is trying to persuade others to do the same. After rewatching this video again, I paid more attention to herShow MoreRelated The Relationship of Education and Technology Essay1427 Words   |  6 Pagesvaluable to the labor industry. With all of this technology booming going on, where does education go in the middle of all of this? Does technology hold a position in education? Better yet, does education hold a position in all of this technology? I will answer these questions and more in following pages. The need for better education has been increasing significantly over many years now. Educators are not just being told to teach reading, writing, or arithmetic anymore. They are instructedRead More Exposure to Media Violence Essay1460 Words   |  6 Pagesrelationship between the viewing of violence in such forms as video games and television shows has been widely contested and thoroughly researched. Various conclusions can be drawn from multiply sources, though as of yet there has been no one final conclusion as to the nature of the relationship. Some research has studied how media violence can affect other aspects of behaviour, such as memory (Bushman 1988), or the long-term effects that it can have from early childhood, to adolescence (Huesmann, Eron, KleinRead MoreQuestions On The World Trade Center Terror Attacks1538 Words   |  7 Pagessurrounding 9/11, and the connected conspiracy theories have on the wider world, including New Zealanders and why do they have significa nce? POSSIBLE SOURCES OF INFORMATION TYPE OF INFORMATION EXPECTED Website: Official History Channel Website: 9/11 Attacks. (n.d.). Retrieved February 11, 2015, from From this source, I would expect a detailed overview of the events that took place on 9/11, from the first plane crashing into the north tower to theRead MoreDecathlon China1582 Words   |  7 Pagesoutlets in different cities of China. It is representing 5 percent of the annual sales of the entire group coming from Decathlon China only. Decathlon China is not just competing with the global sports brands such as Nike and Adidas but has a strong competition with the local brands such as Li-Ning, having 7000 retail stores and Anta with 7547 stores all over china. These competitors have a strong reliance on the internet and use it aggressively for their advertising, marketing and marking their presenceRead MoreThe Theory of Evolution Essay1255 Words   |  6 PagesThe theory of evolution by natural selection does not interfere with the Judeo-Christian view of god as the creator, based on multiple sources including statements from the Pope himself. Although throughout history there are many instances of conflict between people, science, and the Catholic Church, there has recently been a widespread acceptance for science and many even say it does not interfere with the Judeo-Christian view of god as the creator. This essay will discuss the different typesRead MoreThe Media And Its Impact On The Economy And Society Oper ates2455 Words   |  10 Pagescomputerization and digitalization have affected the ways on how the economy and society operates. In certain network that have such an affect are the Internet and the proliferation of World Wide Web (WWW) that have encouraged training programmers such as a courses and curricula all around the world. They have been encouraged entire institutes that are dedicated to teach and study journalism in a â€Å"new media† environment (Deuze, 2004). In 2000s, the audiences for online news have grown rapidly and it has reachedRead MoreThe Decrease in Voter Turnout Essay1171 Words   |  5 Pagesshows that the rate was lower than in the past two presidential elections. Voter turnout decreased from 62.3 percent of eligible citizens voting in 2008 to an estimated 57.5 in 2012. The above calculation was also below the 60.4 percent in 2004 election, however above the 54.2 percent turnout in the 2000 election. Despite a rise of over eight million voters within the fitted population, turnout dropped from 131 million voters in 2008 to an estimated 126 million voters in 2012. When all ballots were computedRead MoreIt332 Kaplan Unit 101506 Words   |  7 PagesCoast computing We can get in a plane and be across the country in a few hours but what if we need to work together faster than a few hours? Is it possible? How hard is it to have users in California work with users in Washington, New York, and Florida? What has to be done to make this happen? How secure will it be to have such a network? This and many other questions come up when a company starts thinking of expansion beyond the building or city they headquartered at. When looking at a networkRead MoreEvidence Expert Interview Paper2090 Words   |  9 PagesHealth Care Evidence amp; Expert Interview Paper Introduction I have chosen two SMART goals to research and put into action by the end of week six of class. SMART Goal 1 is the leadership development goal and will standardize the surgical time-out procedure to include all required elements as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and meet the requirements of the Joint Commission Universal Protocol. I chose this goal for myself to ensure that all nurses are consistently includingRead MoreAncient Aliens and Ancient Astronaut Theory1672 Words   |  7 Pagesreportedly saw beings and crafts coming down from the skies (the heavens) and believed that they were â€Å"Gods†. That is what these primitive civilizations thought, having no idea what these beings and crafts actually were. They did not know what else to call them, therefore these E.T.’s became â€Å"worshipped†, and religions were formed and created in worship of these â€Å"Gods†. Derived from this recorded information, many â€Å"Ancient Astronaut Theorists† claim that deities from most, if not all religions are actually

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Abortion The Only Medical Procedure - 1251 Words

Abortion in Queensland is the only medical procedure that is still considered a criminal offence in the Criminal Code Act 1999 (Qld). Since the abortion laws were introduced societies attitudes, safe medical practices and women’s status in Australian society have changed. As a result the current laws do not reflect modern day’s society’s view and does not effectively protect stakeholder’s rights. Abortion should be decriminalised and made legal up to 17 weeks. However abortion past 17 weeks can only be permitted if the mother is at risk. Sexual education should also be increased in high schools to promote safe sex and conception. This will ensure that women rights are effectively protect and the law better reflects society’s attitudes. An Abortion is the ending or termination of a pregnancy before the developing foetus is ready to be born or able to survive. There are two types of abortions, spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) or an induced abortion which is deliberate termination of a pregnancy, with removal of the foetus and placenta from the uterus (Bailey). Abortion is a highly controversial issue in modern day society, with debates over the rights of the mother to choose and the right of the foetus to be given the opportunity to life. Abortion is one of the safest and most common medical or surgical procedures yet it is criminalised females under Queensland law. Criminalisation affects accessibility of services, availability of information regarding options, and impliesShow MoreRelatedAbortion And The Social Aspects Of Abortion1683 Words   |  7 Pagesin Australia will have an abortion procedure in their life . Abortion data is only gathered by South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Ho wever, South Australia is the only state to publish data and report findings annually. Abortion is a heavy topic which has the nation spilt into two groups; pro-life or pro-choice. Pro-life is in favour of the foetus and they believe that by killing the foetus it is equivalent to murder. Pro-choice is for abortion, as they believe that theRead MoreAbortion Is The Ending Of Pregnancy1341 Words   |  6 Pages  Abortion is the ending of pregnancy by removing a fetus or embryo from the womb before it can survive on its own. surgery has lower risk of side effects. When allowed by local law abortion in the developed world is and has long been one of the safest procedures in medicine. Uncomplicated abortions do not cause any long term mental or physical problems. Every year unsafe abortions cause 47,000 deaths and 5 million hospital admissions. Around 44 million abortions occur each year in the world, withRead MoreShould Medical Abortion Be Legal? Essay1555 Words   |  7 Pagesmillion abortions performed in the U.S., and by the age of 45, 30% of women would have had an abortion. When considering having an abortion, the surgeon must first indicate how many weeks is the patient because there is different procedures for different week stages. Abortion alone is very dangerous, therefore there are many risks that the patient must consider before agreeing to it. First the patient must decide to what type of abortion they want to go with because there is medical abortion and there’sRead MoreSelf-Induced Abortion Essay1171 Words   |  5 Pagesgoing to the Hospital to get a proper procedure. Immigrant women, like this one, are deciding to abort their own baby instead of leaving the procedure to medical experts. Many consequences arise when immigrant women used different types of methods to abort their child because the fear of deportation or being shun by their community. Immigrant women should leave the abortion method to medical experts regardless of personal problems that might arise later on. Abortion is defined as the removal of a fetusRead MoreArgumentative Essay On Abortion1293 Words   |  6 Pages Abortions are one of the many things that everyone has an opinion on. As defined by the 2012 Merriam-Webster dictionary, an Encyclopedia Britannica Company, an abortion is, â€Å"the termination of a pregnancy after, accompanied by, resulting in, or closely followed by the death of the embryo or fetus as a spontaneous expulsion of a human fetus during the first 12 weeks of gestation--miscarriage, the induced expulsion of a human fetus, or the expulsion of a fetus by a domestic animal often dueRead MoreAbortion Is A Medical Procedure Essay1522 Words   |  7 PagesAbortion is a medical procedure done to terminate a human pregnancy and is performed, generally, within the first 28 weeks of conception (WebMD, n.d.). In America, abortion is a hot button topic for debate. Many laws have been enacted and changed over the years to control who can or cannot have this procedure done throughout the states. Abortion has a vast history, variety of procedures, and some interesting data specific to the state of Arkansas. Even before Roe VS. Wade, women had been terminatingRead MoreAbortion : The Deliberate Termination Of A Human Pregnancy1454 Words   |  6 PagesAbortion: the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. An abortion that occurs spontaneously is also known as a miscarriage. If a abortion is cause purposely it is known as induced abortion or less frequently called induced miscarriage. It can be very dangerous and cause very severe pain. The parent can choose between a surgical or medical abortion in the first couple weeks of the pregnancy. Many people do not know but a baby’s lifeRead MorePro Life And Pro Choice1371 Words   |  6 PagesWhen you think of a abortion what do you think about? It As is defined by the 2013 Webster dictionary, , an abortion is, â€Å"the termination of a pregnancy closely proceeded by the expulsion of the embryo or fetus as a spontaneous death of a human fetus during the first 83 days of miscarriage, the induced expulsion of a human fetus, or the expulsion of a fetus by a wild animal often due to infection or sickness at any time before the pregnancy was completed.† Abortions have always been and willRead MoreThe History of Abortion764 Words   |  4 PagesAbortion is a medical practice to terminate a womans pregnancy in the first 3 months. The history of abortion starts father before the pinnacle case of Roe v Wade in 1973. The supreme court made it legal to get an abortion and this is seen as an important turning point for the american health care policies for women. Before this court case to render it legal it had been performed for thousands of years and in every society known. It was legal when settlers first came to the united states beforeRead MoreAbortion And The Social Aspects Of Abortion1495 Words   |  6 Pageswomen in Australia will an abortion procedure in their life . Abortion data is only gathered by South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory. However, South Australia is the only state to publish data and report findings annually. A bortion is a heavy topic which has the nation spilt into two groups; pro-life or pro-choice. Pro-life is in favour of the foetus and they believe that by killing the foetus it is equivalent to murder. Pro-choice is for abortion, as they believe that the

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Theology of the Body Free Essays

Freedom, truth, gift, communion, dignity, love, person, meaning: these are all themes which are continually found throughout the writings of Pope John Paul II. They were there even before he became Pope. As Cardinal Karol Wojtyla he was influential in the writing of several documents from Vatican II, not the least of which was Gaudium et Spes — the Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World — from which he never tires of quoting in his many encyclicals and apostolic letters. We will write a custom essay sample on Theology of the Body or any similar topic only for you Order Now â€Å"Man is the only creature on earth which God willed for tself, [and he] cannot fully find himself except through a sincere gift of himself. † (Gaudium et Spes 24) We must first know the purpose of our existence and what we were created for if we are to live a fully meaningful life. Pope John Paul II explores the purpose of our existence in his Theology of the Body, which consists of 129 general Wednesday audiences delivered by him during the first five years of his pontificate. Prior to his election as pope, John Paul II wrote a book, L o v e and Responsibility.In Love and Responsibility K a rol Wo j t y l a p resents the Catholic Church’s teaching on love and sexuality in a way that makes sense to modern man. Wojtyla stresses the dignity of the person and shows how important it is to live our sexuality in a way which upholds and affirms the other person. Indeed, the true lover will never use another person or treat her as a means to an end. In his Theology of the Body John Paul II digs deep into the meaning of being a human person based on Scripture. As a person with a body and soul, made in the image and ikeness of God, we find the meaning of life through finding out what it means to image God and what our bodies have to do with it. We not only image God through the gift of free-will, but also through being in communion with others. â€Å"To be human means to be called to interpersonal communio . † Why? Because God himself is a communion of persons in the Trinity. He explains, â€Å"Man became the â€Å"image and likeness† of God not only through his own humanity, but also through the communion of persons which man and woman form right from the beginning. † (TOB, Nov. 4, 1979) â€Å"Man Cannot Live Without Love† A â€Å"communion of persons† occurs when two people freely give themselves to each other and accept one another in love. In fact, true love consists precisely in this mutual selfgift. As we see in the Gospels, the main point of the Christian life is to love. John Paul II’s other favorite quote from Gaudium et Spes tells us that, â€Å"Christ†¦fully reveals man to man himself and makes his supreme calling clear. †What does Christ reveal but that, â€Å"Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. †? (Jn. 5:13) It is Christ himself who reveals to us our basic vocation as persons by giving himself to us in his death on the Cross. Through his Theology of the Body, John Paul II seeks to present to us the Gospel message of love in a new, deep, and profound way. He knows that love is what all people seek. He goes so far as to say, â€Å"Man cannot live without love. He remains a being that is incomprehensible for himself, his life is senseless, if love is not revealed to him, if he does not encounter love, if he does not experience love How important it is to live our sexuality in way which upholds and affirms the other person! Indeed, the true lover will never use another person or treat her as a means to an end. Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the BodyThis publication  © 2003 Resurrection Publications P. O. Box 21357 †¢ Cheyenne, WY 82003-7026 For more information, please contact us at: Toll-free: 1-866-333-6392 †¢ www. theologyofthebody. net Study groups meet regularly to discuss the Theology of the Body. Visit www. theologyofthebody. net for information on a group near you — or how to start one of your own. How to cite Theology of the Body, Papers

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Business Activities of the Walmart-Free-Samples-Myassignmenthelp

Questions: 1.Critically review the external and Market Environments of the Organisation. 2.Critically evaluate the key resources'd Human and Financial and Core Competences of the Organisation Including how it adds value. 3.Based on your findings Identify what Challenges you believe the Company will face in the future and how to address them. Answers: Introduction The report talks about the business activities and operations of the Walmart. It explains that how the company is overcoming on the competitors in the market. It explains the external environment of the firm and it also describes that how macro environment influences the success and growth of the firm negatively. Apart from this, the paper explains the financial and human resources of the Walmart. It outlines that how the core competencies and core values are important for the firm to attain the long-term mission and vision of the organization. In addition, it describes the organizational structure of the company to gain sustainability in the organization. It tells that how the Walmart has become a global leader in the retail industry around the world. Walmart is an American multinational retailing company which operates and manages as a chain of discount department stores, hypermarkets, and grocery stores with headquartered is located in Bentonville, Arkansas. The company was founded in 1962 by Sam Walton and it was incorporated on 31st October 1969. The firm operates and manages under the name Walmart in the Canada and United States. The company is one of the biggest companies in the world by revenue and profit. The firm invests money in outside North America to get the better results and outcomes (Michelson, 2013). In todays era, Wal-Mart is becoming a player with maintaining sustainability within the organization. It provides great employment opportunities to the employees. 1.External and market environment of the Walmart The growth and success of the organization are influenced by the external environment and market of the country. External environment consists various factors which cannot be controlled and managed by the company. These factors include the following: Political factors: The sales and revenue of the Walmart can be affected by the various political factors. The government can change and modify rules and regulations at any time which can affect the company growth and success of the firm (Snchez, 2013). Economic factors: Economic factors are also the part of the external environment which affects the business of the company negatively. Market inflation also affects the business activities and operations of the firm. It also affects the performance and efficiency of the company. Further, the purchasing power of customers depends on the economic condition of the country. After the various researchers, it has been evaluated that economic factors both internationally, as well as domestically, might affect the financial performance and effectiveness of the Walmart. In addition, higher interest rate, energy cost, inflation, unemployment rate, and changes in the tax law and regulations can affect the success and growth of the firm. Along with this, foreign exchange rate, higher transportation cost, and other economic elements could also affect the business operations of the firm (Marcilla, 2014). Technological factors: Generally, e-commerce and internet affect the overall performance of the company. As a result, the company is able to introduce and launch its online stores which can help to the company for maintaining a good relationship with customers in the global market. Through e-commerce and internet, the company is able to maintain a proper and regular connection with buyers and sellers. Social factors: There are various social factors existed in the external environment which can influence the business activities of the Walmart. Therefore, the firm participates in social activities to build and develop a good relationship between the society and clients as well (Lombardo, 2017). Environmental factors: The Company sells the products and services with maintaining good quality. The firm ensures that products and services are not harmful to the customers in the market. The organization has also introduced an effective and unique waste management system that main aim to reduce the pollutions and provide a neat and clean environment to the public for the future. The waste system is built and developed to reduce and prevent the various mistakes and obstacles within the organization. Legal factors: The legal rules and regulations also affect the growth and progress of the firm. The company is trying to do work for clients welfare and it also wants to make a good image in the global market (Fernie, Fernie, and Moore, 2015). Market competition: Market competition is a big concern and it affects the objectives and goals of the firm. The firm needs to evaluate and analyze the plans, policies, strategies of the competitors in order to determine the long-term success and growth of the firm. In this way, Walmart can overcome on the competitors in the global market. In addition, low prices of the products and services also affect the customers in the universal market. Further, substitute products are also big challenge for the company. If the buyers become honest and loyal in the market then the threat of substitutes can be reduced by the firm. Along with this, the company can use effective business strategies and policies to gain success around the world (Blackwell and Eppler, 2014). Customers: The growth and success of the Walmart depend on the customers which are existed in the international market. Customers increase the competition in the market. There are various types of the buyer which affect the prices of the products in global market. There are some factors which affect the buying behavior of the customers such as the size of customers, number of buyers, consumer mentality, quality and quantity of the products and services and discount factors etc. Supplier power: Suppliers power affects the business operations and activities of the Walmart. There are several suppliers are manufacturing a variety of products in the retail industry. Thus, the company looks the prices of the products and takes the purchasing decisions. The suppliers have very little power to negotiate the prices. The suppliers power depends on the various factors such as switching costs, the uniqueness of products and suppliers concentration. All these factors affect the business operations and actions of the Walmart. The company needs to focus on the external environment of the company to maximize its growth and to gain long-term benefits and revenue within the organization. Further, the firm must focus in the marketing environment of the company. It should focus on the activities and plans of the market to promote the products and services of the organization. Walmart is one of the biggest assets to the people in the world. It provides various types of products such as car repairs, electronics products, and groceries products. Walmart is the second biggest corporation in the world. In addition, the company needs to monitor the business activities and operations of the competitors. The competitors include Target Corporation, Carrefour, and Costco Wholesale Corporation. These are the major competitors of the Walmart and they play a vital role in the international market. Entire companies affect the progress and success of the firm. In addition, the organization must focus on the business level strategies and corporate strategies to gain the competitors advantages in the market. It makes effective plans, strategies, and policies in order to determine the course of actions within the organization. In this way, the company can easily achieve its mission and vision of the firm (Bjelland and Wood, 2015). SWOT analysis of Walmart SWOT analysis is done by the company to evaluate and identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the company which has been discussed below (Ali,2012). Strengths Weaknesses It is one of the largest companies across the world. It uses information technology for providing support to its international logistics system. The company is expanding and flourishing its business day by day. Further, it is creating a joint venture in India. The company is not maintaining flexibility and transparency. Thus, the company is not able to focus on the competitors in the global market. Walmart is facing competition in North America with stores such as Target and Kmart. The company is not able to focus on the several areas due to the huge span of control. Negative publicity and high employee turnover. Opportunities Threats The company is taking more advantages by focusing on the special markets. There are enormous opportunities for the company to expand its future in near future. There are various political problems and barriers exist in the market. Intense price competition is the major threat for the Walmart. Many small businesses dislike Walmart. It is the other threat for the company. 2.Human and financial resources and core competencies of the organization Wal-Mart is one of the biggest players around the world. If the firm wants to start a new business then it is the responsibility of the company to procure and save the financial resources in order to ensure the success and growth of the Wal-Mart. Further, financial management refers to the effective and efficient management of funds in an effective manner to attain the goals and objectives of the firm (Glanz, Bader and Iyer, 2012). It is the specialization function which is directly associated with the top management of the firm. Financial resources play a crucial role in Walmart and its success and growth which depend on the financial resources of the firm. None of the organization can start the business without sufficient financial resources. The financial position of the Walmart is very excellent and effective. Net cash provided by operating activities was $28.6 billion, $27.4 billion and $, 23.3 billion for the fiscal year 2016. The current revenue of the company is increasing da y by day. Further, the company is focusing on assets of the company for return on investment and it is managing working capital to provide strong free cash flow. They are providing returns to their shareholders through dividends and share repurchases. They are focusing on the return on investment and cash flow. The two aim of the working capital is to increase and enhance the profitability of the organization and to ensure the long-term goals and objectives of the firm. The net sales of the Walmart from 2006 to 2017 are showing in below diagram (Stankevi?i?t?, Grunda, and Bartkus, 2012). (Statista, 2017) In this way, the company is increasing its sales and revenue day by day. The company is making a good image in the market through its effective financial position. Further, the company is able to maintain the effective difference between receivables and payables because it affects the brand image and suppliers of the firm. Through effective financial position, the company is reducing the risk of inventory and various other obstacles within the organization. In addition, the company is making effective strategies and plans to increase the financial revenue and growth of the firm. Along with this, the firm is using effective supply chain capabilities to reduce the cost and to build an effective relationship with customers in the global market (Rothenberg, Hull and Tang, 2017). Human resource management is the backbone of the Walmart. The company cannot hire a potential and competent candidate without sustainable HRM. It is one of the largest companies in the world in terms of organizational size, financial performance, and business value. Further, the company focuses on the human resources in order to satisfy the business requirements, needs, and expectations. In addition, the firm monitors and evaluates internal organizational processes to run the business activities smoothly. Along with this, it focuses on the human resource planning, job description, job specification, and job design to evaluate and measure the performance of the workers in order to meet the long-term objectives and goals. The company focuses on the recruitment, selection, training, development and performance management, compensation and career development to analyze and measure the performance and efficiency of the employees. Walmart is one of the biggest organizations in the world. E ach store has its own human resource manager who manages the employees within the organization. HR manager makes plans, policies, strategies, and procedures to carry the business activities and operations effectively and efficiently. The company predicts possible future changes in the workforce to attain the mission and vision of the firm. The company uses the information system to identify and determine the aspects and areas of the firm which can increase the demand of the human resources. HRM implements and uses corresponding labor force plans and policies to stabilize the human resources within the organization. The company hires potential and competent applicants to increase the sales of the products and services. In addition, the company uses job analysis and job design methods in order to increase and maximize the revenue and profit of the company (Ken, 2014). Further, the company uses different recruitment and selection strategies to hire the suitable and appropriate candidate in the organization. The recruitment strategies include direct recruitment, online recruitment, and academic institutions recruitment. These HR methods ensure the diversity of the candidates to do work effectively at the workplace. Further, the company uses effective retention strategies to reduce the high employee turnover within the organization. Along with this, the company provides effective incentives and bonus to the competent employees to encourage and motivate employees for doing work effectively. In addition, the company provides training and development coaching to the employees to improve their skills and performance at the workplace. Further, performance management system is used by the Walmart. Along with this, it uses career development plans to measure and evaluate the efficiency of the employees. It uses effective compensation strategies to maximize the productivity and performance of the workers (Carden, Courtemanche and Meiners, 2009). HRM also maintains the reciprocal relationship between employee and employer to increase the productivity of the company. They maintain a good working environment for the employees at the workplace. In this way, human resource management is an integral part of the Walmart. HRM provides job satisfaction and job security to the worker to enhance their efficiency within the organization (Paauwe, 2009). Core competencies Walmart is one of the biggest players around the world. There are various core competencies of the company that have been discussed below. Culture: It is one of the biggest core competencies of the company. The workers are efficient, hardworking, and potential to do work effectively. Further, the company provides favorable working environment and culture to the workers to accomplish the long-term goals and targets (Tombs, and Whyte, 2015). Effective relations with suppliers: Walmart maintains effective relations with suppliers to attain their goals and objectives at lower prices. Further, the company uses information technology system to ensure the speedy and fast delivery of the products and services. The company also works with suppliers to increase and improve the production of the firm (Philippon, 2012). International growth: It is another core competency of the company. The company determines long-term growth and success of the company. The firm is expanding its business activities and operations globally. This competency also helps to overcome on the competitors in the global market (Prieto, Phipps. and Addae, 2014). Better use of technology: The Company uses innovative technologies to provide good quality of product and services to the customers around the world. Further, the company maintains an effective and cordial relationship with its suppliers and partners across the world. By using of innovative and effective technology, the company can gain competitive advantages in the market (van Tulder, 2015). Along with this, just in time inventory process is implemented by the company to reduce and eliminate the cost of inventory at the stores and warehouses. Along with this integrity and patience is another core competencies of the firm. The company maintains effective communication in the market to deal with suppliers as well as customers around the world. These are the core competencies of the Walmart. These core competencies help to beat the competitors in the market. It also helps to identify and measures the future plans and policies of the organization to gain long-term success and growth (Is berg and Pitta, 2013). Organizational structure of the Walmart The organizational structure of the Wal-Mart is very effective and efficient. The organizational structure of the Wal-Mart determines and evaluates business activities and operations of the firm. This structure resolves various problems and key challenges which are existed in the organization. The firm is growing and succeeding day by day through its effective and unique organizational structure. It also helps to provide competitive advantages in the market (Grosse-Ruyken, Wagner and Jnke, 2011). The firm uses hierarchical functional organizational structure to increase the revenue of the firm. There are two features of Wal-Mart organizational structure such as function-based definition and hierarchy. Through hierarchy features, the employees assign command and authority in vertical lines to enhance their confidence and productivity (Galpin, Whitttington, and Bell, 2015). Along with this, the function based definition feature includes the groups of the employees which are fulfilling the functions and objectives of the firm. For example, the company maintains department such as human resource management to perform the functions and duties effectively and efficiently. In addition, Walmart also maintains department for the function of the marketing, administration, finance and information technology. These are enormous function based departments in the organizational structure of the Walmart (Morschett, Schramm-Klein, and Zentes, 2015). The functional organizational structure of the Wal-Mart affects the entire organization of the firm. The company maintains transparency and flexibility at the workplace through its effective and unique organizational structure (Elder, 2016). The lower level of organizational structure cannot easily adjust business policies and practices within the organization. Further, various models are used by the firm to maintain effective organizational structure for providing benefits to the employees as well as customers. Further, culture also plays a vital role to maintain excellent organizational structure in the company (Lombardo, 2017). The organizational culture depends on the various factors which increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the Walmart. There are four components of Walmart organizational culture such as service to customers, action with integrity, respect for the individual and strive for excellence (Hill, Jones. and Schilling, 2014). In terms service to customers, the firm provides effective and good quality of products and services to the customers in the global market. Further, the company provides respect and morale to the each and every employee. In addition, the company promotes and encourages honesty, integrity, fairness to make effective decisions in the organization. Walmart also promotes teamwork and collaboration to increase the efficiency and to reduce the cost of the products. It is one of the biggest retailers who promote organizational structure and culture to overcome on its competitors in the universal market. The main aims of the Walmart to increase revenue with maintaining suitable prices of the products around the world (Flamholtz and Randle, 2012). Further, the company uses differentiation and pricing strategies to gain long-term profit around the world. Through differentiation strategy, the company is able to differentiate its products from the competitors products in the world. Along with this, it uses pricing strategies to fix the reasonable prices of the various products and various around the world. The Wal-Mart organizational culture is based on the open door policy to evaluate and identify the needs, requirements, and expectations of the customers around the world (Okoro, 2012). The effective and unique organizational structure provides various benefits to the customers as well as the organization. The company can evaluate and analyze the rules, policies, plans, and programs of the competitors around the world. It is one of the biggest benefits for the company. There are various competitors of the Walmart such as Target, Coulomb technologies, Amazon, Best buy and Apple Inc. The company can also measure and evaluate the strategies and plans of the market to gain sustainability in the market. The firm can reduce and eliminate the risk and key challenges of the market. Now it is assumed that organizational culture and structure play a vital and significant role in Walmart. Further, the company analyzes and evaluates the external environment to eliminate various obstacles and barriers around the world. In this way, the company achieves various competitive advantages in the market around the world (Joyce Stuart, 2011). 3.Future challenges of the Walmart and strategies to resolve these issues The company will face various key challenges and risks to attain its future objectives and goals across the world. The Wal-Mart stores are not neat and clean thus, the company will not be able to increases the sale of the products and services in the world. As a result, the company will have to bear a lot of loss in the global market (Gunter, Hall, and Apple, 2017). The company will have to integrate its digital services with physical stores across the world. Further, the company will face various other issues such as low wages, sex discrimination, and poor working environment. In addition, the company is imposing restrictions on the suppliers thus it is a major issue of the company (Wolfe and Pyrooz, 2014). Along with this, Walmart will try to grow in the universal market, therefore; various challenges will be faced by the firm. Culture issue will also be faced by the firm in near future. There is a change in tastes; preferences and needs of the customers, therefore, it will become a great challenge for the company. As a result, market risk will be faced by the company. Threats of substitutes can be a bigger challenge for the firm in near future. The competitors can also affect the success and growth of the Walmart in near future. Threats of new entrants can also affect the business activities and operations of the firm negatively around the world. In this way, various challenges would be faced by the company in near future (Gordon, 2014). The company uses various strategies, plans and policies to overcome these challenges and risks. The company can evaluate and measure the future risk and challenges by using effective plans and strategies within the organization (Sparrow, Brewster and Chung, 2016). The company should focus on the needs, requirements, and expectations of the consumers to gain the profit and revenue in the global market. It should monitor and improve the organizational culture to increase the working capacity of the workers. The company must develop and enhance the effective organizational structure to attract more customers in the international market. Various campaigns and programs must be conducted by the company to meet the success and growth of the firm. Along with this, innovative and new technologies must be used by the Walmart to increase the number of customers around the world. Effective planning should be done by the company to eliminate the future risk and challenges in the organization (Gee r-Frazier, 2014). Further, various growth and business level strategies could be used by the firm to enhance and increase the sale of the corporation. In addition, marketing mix strategies must be used by the firm to reduce the future key challenges and risk around the world (Haiven, 2014). Along with this, Pestle analysis and porter five model must be used by the company to evaluate and measure the various external factors of the organization. Walmart should identify the strengths and weaknesses of the firm to beat the competitors in the global market (Asiedu, 2015). Apart from this, various promotional and advertisement strategies should be used by the company to increase and maximize the sales and revenue of the company. The company must focus on the sustainable human resource management to make the effective rules and policies in an organization. Further, Wal-Mart must maintain sustainability and corporate social responsibility to increase the shareholder value and net worth. In this way, the comp any can reduce and eliminate all these challenges and risk of the market in near future ( Haiven, 2014). Conclusion The report is based on the Walmart Company and it explains the growth and success of the firm in the global market. Further, it describes the various key challenges and risks which are faced by the company around the world. On the above discussion, it has been concluded that Wal-Mart is one of the largest companies in the retail industry. The company is making effective and unique position in the universal market. Further, the company uses effective human resource management and organizational structure to maximize success and minimize the extra cost of the grocery products and services. Further, Pestle analysis and SWOT analysis are used by the Walmart to analyze and evaluate the competitors around the world. Further, core competencies and core values also play a significant role in order to determine the course of actions of the firm. In this way, the company is becoming a leading organization in the retail industry to attract more customers in the global world. In addition, variou s policies and strategies are used by the company to explore and flourish its business operations and activities globally. The company must focus on it marketing and business level strategies to gain long term success and growth in the market. In this way, the company can beat the competitors around the world. References Asiedu, E., 2015. A critical Assessment of the Strategic Position of Melcom within the Retail Industry in Ghana.Journal of Entrepreneurship Organization Management,4, p.137. Bjelland, O.M. and Wood, R.C., 2015. To nurture transformational technology, build a community like Sam Waltons.Strategy Leadership,43(2), pp.41-46. Blackwell, R. and Eppler, D., 2014. 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Medieval Architecture free essay sample

The Middle Ages, also known as the Medieval era, though scarred with a history of violence and war, has given the world some of the most marvelous and beautiful pieces of art, particularly in architecture. The Middle Ages is the name given to the time period from the late 5th century to the 15th century, particular to European history. The construction of these types of buildings was a constant for various cultures for a thousand years. They can be categorized into three phases; Pre-Romanesque, Romanesque and Gothic. The most important buildings during medieval times were religious, defensive and governmental or power related. Figure 1 – Sarcophagus of Abbess Theodechilde in the Abbey of Jouarre. The Pre-Romanesque era started, arguably, with the Merovingian Dynasty of the Franks. Some say that not much was gained, from an architectural point of view, during the rule of the Franks but I believe there are a couple of points worth making. We will write a custom essay sample on Medieval Architecture or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The Merovingian rule lasted from the 5th century, after the fall of the Roman Empire, to the late 8th century. Most of their buildings followed after the Roman basilica style. The Franks, due to religious beliefs, pushed the building of monasteries and included crypts within their structures. (see figure 1) Although there were many monasteries built with crypts, only five remain intact today. One of the noteworthy aspects of Merovingian architecture was that they are credited with being the first to build raised reliquaries of the saint within their monasteries, located behind the altar. Figure 3 – The 9th century Torhalle, or gatehouse, at the Lorsch Abbey in Germany. Figure 2 – Exterior of Corvey Abbey, showing the Westwork. The Carolingian Dynasty, which some say is where Pre-Romanesque architecture began, reigned from the late 8th century into the 10th century. Also deriving from a Frankish noble family, the Carolingians are credited with a couple of key designs that carry forward into the Romanesque and Gothic phases of architecture. The westwork, which was basically the west facing side of the church consisting of two towers with several stories between them, was probably the most significant change in architectural design for churches during the Pre-Romanesque time period. The first church to incorporate this new style was the St. Riquier Abbey completed in 799. The plan included equal emphasis on both the east and west ends, including a complex west facade. This church was later destroyed but the westwork was to be repeated in many Carolingian churches and passed on to Ottonian and Romanesque architecture. The oldest standing example today of this style is the Corvey Abbey built in the late 9th century. (see figure 2) Another piece of the Carolingian architecture is the Torhalle, or gatehouse, built at Lorsch. This gatehouse, built around 800, stands today in perfect condition. (see figure 3) It was built as the formal entrance to the Lorsch Abbey. And though it is small in comparison to the many other buildings at the time, it remains the oldest monument of the Carolingian era. Figure 4 – The Gloucester Cathedral in England. The Romanesque era is where we see a dramatic change in architectural style as well as an increase in the amount of building that takes place. The Romanesque period doesn’t have an exact date range, but most tend to agree that it existed from roughly the 9th century to the 12th century. Although churches remain the number one built structure in the time, we do see a large increase in the number of castles being built. There are many characteristics of Romanesque architecture. New building ideas and techniques were introduced, such as stone vault ceilings, buttresses, semicircular arches as well as barrel, groin and ribbed vaults. As new designs were added, the need for stronger supports systems resulted in massive double shelled walls, large piers and drum columns. (see figure 4) The Romanesque period is known for massive structures and elaborate designs. From this we see a noticeable increase in the skill of the masons during this time as the stone work displays an obvious increase in precision and engineering. Much of the architecture in the Romanesque era evolved into Gothic architecture. The Gothic era ran from the 12th century into the 16th century. There wasn’t necessarily a clean break from Romanesque to Gothic styles of architecture, but rather a gradual shift in design. The main characteristics of Gothic architecture are the pointed ribbed vaults and arches, flying buttresses and, in place of solid walls, a cluster of columns. Due to the vertical emphasis of the design, the archways could be redesigned and stretched or pointed. Four main Figure 5 – The depressed arch supported by fan vaulting at King’s College Chapel, England. ypes of arch designs that are commonly found within Gothic architecture are the lancet arch, which is simply a steeply pointed arch, the equilateral arch, the flamboyant arch and the depressed arch as seen in the King’s College Chapel. (see figure 5) Due to the new design of supporting the weight of the ceiling through the columns and flying buttresses, there was no need for walls made of heavy materials. With all the columns and archways in place, the structure took on a skeletal look. This gave way to expanding the once small openings for windows to an expanse of window space providing plenty of light to the interior of the structure. This space was commonly filled with stained glass. From this, stained glass flourished as an art work to be an essential part of many of the churches in the medieval time. Castles are a huge part of Medieval times and started to grew in number and size during the Romanesque and Gothic eras. The castles were massive and built primarily for defensive purposes. However, some were designed to convey messages of wealth, power and respect as well as fear and domination. Besides a military need, castles were used for administrative purposes as well as a residence. Typical castle residents consisted of the castle’s owner, his family and his military and administrative support staff. Castles were generally made from local materials of stone and wood as well as recycled materials, like Roman bricks and marble. There are, of course, exceptions to this depending on how much money and/or power the person building the castle had. For example, William the Conqueror had the White Tower of The Tower of London built from Caen stone, imported from France. (see figure 6) Figure 6 – The White Tower of the Tower of London. Castles come in all different shapes, sizes and designs depending on the materials available as well as the terrain chosen to build on. Some of the common characteristics of castles are; the motte – an earthen mound created with a flat top for the castle to be built upon; the moat – a large ditch around the castle, typically filled with water; the bailey – fortification that surrounds the keep; the keep – the actual residence of the lord in charge and the most strongly defended part of the castle; the gatehouse – the entrance to the castle; and the curtain wall – a large defensive wall, typically between two bastions. Castle construction would depend on the materials chosen for the building. Earth and timber castles were less expensive to build but could be constructed in most locations due to plentiful resources and most skilled workers had wood working skills. Stone castles cost much more, take longer to complete and require higher skilled masons, and many of them. Not to mention that the location was often relative to the location of the rock quarry. Naturally, stone castles were many times stronger than ones made from timber and, in the eyes of many, were worth the extra cost and time. Depending on the lord in charge and the primary reason for building the castle, the architectural design didn’t stop with just the construction of the building. Many castles maintained beautiful landscapes to compliment their architectural master piece. As seen in figure 7, landscapes play an important role in the overall allure of the entire estate. This particular landscape for the Leeds Castle in England has been maintained since the 13th century. Figure 7 – Panoramic view of the Leeds Castle in England. Throughout the Middle Ages, the key to the many successful pieces of architecture has been the architect. Of course they were not called architects back then, instead they were simply called masons. Often time there were many masons working together on one project. The mason in charge of the design and construction was sometimes referred to as the master mason. Prior to the 13th century, most masons were trained on the job site. From the 13th century onward, the masons took on apprentices and training became more formalized. The masons maintained a constant presence on the job site in smaller structures attached to the building project called lodges. They would store their tools, eat their meals and perform all their inside type work within their lodge. Masonry was one of the few crafts that did not form into a trade guild prior to the 14th century. In later centuries, the masons and their lodge became what we know today as the Freemasons. Architectural design and innovation was not protected and masons often borrowed ideas from one another. In the 14th century, masons were sent to study the design incorporated with the Chateau de Mehun-sur-Yevre in France. This structure was destroyed in the 18th century. Figure 8 shows the ruins today and figure 9 shows what the chateau would have looked like. Figure 9 – Artist rendition of what the Chateau de Mehun-sur-Yevre in France may have looked like. Figure 8 – Current day Chateau de Mehun-sur-Yevre in France. During the estimated thousand years of the Middle Ages, and what we know of it, it is quite evident that architecture played an important part of each society. In religions, in governments and in noble families, the physical structure of the building was just as important to the people as were the traditions and work carried out within. Architecture was not merely a necessary profession but it was a desired form of art work and we are fortunate that so many of these master pieces have been left for us to study and admire.

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Dissertation Paper

Dissertation Paper Dissertation Paper Dissertation Paper University students sometimes feel lost and frustrated when they face the necessity of writing a dissertation paper. Really, this task is a complicated one; it takes a lot of time and effort to write a dissertation. Anyway, you have no other way out except of start work. Do not give up, as you are well prepared to take the challenge. In this paper you will find some useful tips on how to start work. Choose your topic According to the Asian saying, the first step is half of the way. For you this first step, choosing your topic, is genuinely important. It depends on your choice whether your work will be interesting for you or boring, whether it will be easy or difficult to find data for your dissertation paper, and, finally, whether the staff will be willing to help you. You will perhaps need to have some preliminary reading around your topic before you make your choice. But do not waste your time, it is no use skipping from one topic to another. When you think th at you have found what you need, consult the staff. It is very important to find a supervisor, having a deep knowledge of the subject, who will be willing to help you. Make a rough timetable of your work It might be not very easy to plan the work on your dissertation paper, which will last for months. Students sometimes rush to start their work, but they do not know where to go. That is why they may, for example, spend lots of time gathering evidence, but they will be extremely short of time when it comes to bibliography. Still, it is better to prepare your timetable at the very beginning of your work, as it will protect you from sleepless nights before the final deadline. Consult your supervisor You know that your dissertation paper is assigned to you to provide you with the opportunity to develop your intellectual skills. Some students think that they can work absolutely independently. Others just do not know how to cope with this task and do not do anything. Both of them ar e wrong, as avoiding the supervisor is a very big mistake. If you want your dissertation paper to bring you the highest possible mark, consult your supervisor whenever you need professional help. Well, we hope that creating a dissertation paper will be the most interesting and fruitful experience in your studies.

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Leadership and Motivation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Leadership and Motivation - Essay Example There are many barriers that must be overcome in order to implement meaningful revolutionary cultural change and new ways of thinking and doing business. As managers most of the obstacles that must be dealt with a have to do with employees and the inherent fear and apprehension to change humans have in general. There are a lot of factors that affect how the employees will react to organizational change, as managers we must learn to positively help ease employee concerns, doubts, or questions. Many managers fail to communicate with their employees clearly and effectively. As a result, employee perception errors are quite common when dealing with organizational change. Since the employees are left to their own devices and their doubts, questions or concerns are not adequately addressed, employees will come up with their own conclusions. The perceptual process is complex and there are many cultural, personal, and physiological factors that affect how a person perceives, processes and in terpret any given information (Hodges). In order to manage organizational change successfully managers must learn to understand the perceptual process, the stages involved, and the impact of employee perceptions. By understanding the perception process managers are better able to implement the necessary operational and cultural changes while minimizing barriers to change. An important concept for management to understand is the concept of attribution theory and how it impacts employee’s perceptions.